Hi, I’m Kassie, a 30-something in North Dakota.

After a fall run in Bismarck.

I started running nine years ago during my senior year of college. As the stereotypical out-of-shape, vodka-guzzling, pizza-and-ramen-eating college student, I was looking for a way to be a bit healthier. On a whim, I decided to start running. Thirty seconds later on my apartment complex treadmill, out of breath and sweating bullets, I decided this was a terrible idea.

Slowly but surely, I stuck with it and running transformed into a passion.

Nothing compares to crossing a marathon finish line.

In 2012, my curiousity about food got the best of me, and I began to research foods and their effects on the human body and performance. This led me into research on animals and how much of our modern-day food is acquired, which prompted a 30-day vegan experiment. Four and a half years later and I haven’t turned back; I’ve never felt better.

That’s where my blog name and Insta handle come from – a combination of my love of running and animal rights. I live a vegan lifestyle, doing things as best I can.

Thanks, Urban Dictionary.

Professionally, I work in the communications and marketing field, which I love. There’s something about writing and editing that makes my nerdy soul light on fire.

I have two black Labs, one a rescue and one an “oopsie” acquired from a relatively nearby reservation. They keep me quite busy.

Recharging their naughty batteries.

My long-term boyfriend lives with me and the dogs, and we go through life’s adventures together.

Derek and I. Sometimes I wear “real people” clothes.



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