March 20 – April 2 Training

These were two big weeks: peak week and taper week 1 of 3.

FullSizeRender 2
When you don’t feel like running, throw on the magic colors.

Peak week was amazing: 63 miles of nailing miles and paces. My long run was a huge confidence builder before the taper. Everything went smoothly, except I only lifted once, which is actually pretty normal for me during peak week. From here on out, my lifting will be extremely limited, if at all.

The three weeks leading up to the marathon I like to tune into my body very closely. If I’m feeling sore and/or overly tired, I don’t lift. Not much is lost during these weeks strength-wise, but I could potentially damage my performance by overdoing it. If you’re like me, you don’t want to compromise 18 weeks of hard work!

Peak Week!
Monday, 3/20
•8 easy miles, 8:45 pace

Tuesday, 3/21
•7 easy, 8:49 pace
•Full-body lift

Wednesday, 3/22
•Rest day

Thursday, 3/23
•6 working, 7:30 pace
•all other miles 8:49 pace
•11 total

Friday, 3/24
•8 easy, 8:52 pace

Saturday, 3/25
•Long run day! Ran with a local, super fast group
•16 miles, 7:47 pace
•736 foot gain
•133 avg. HR (great indication that my fitness is where it should be!)

Sunday, 3/26
•13 easy, 8:12 pace

•63 miles
•1 strength session

My first taper week was typical taper. I’m hungry and physically and mentally wiped. I don’t feel like taking naps, but I have no motivation to do anything except go through the motions of my days, so I do just that.

Taper feels. I’m hungry. I’m tired. I’m dying….


I’m working hard to release myself from the “shoulds” until after race day. You know….I “should” bake some healthy breakfast muffins. I “should” deep clean my shower. I “should” spring clean. NOPE – saving that until after.

Recovery is just as much mental as it is physical.

Since I was exhausted this week, I made the call to not lift. My legs and entire body are sore, which is such a strange feeling after not lifting. Hello, taper, my old friend.

FullSizeRender 3
The fast group I ran with during the long runs made these little leggies RUN.

Taper Week 1
Monday, 3/27
•6 easy, 8:47 pace

Tuesday, 3/28
•10 easy, 8:21 pace

Wednesday, 3/29
•Rest day

Thursday, 3/30
•6 working, 7:08 pace
•5 “cool down,” 7:52 pace
•11 total

Friday, 3/31
•6 easy, 8:51 pace

Saturday, 4/1
•Long run day! Ran with the same local, super fast group
•15 miles, 7:48 pace
•224 foot gain, basically one steep hill and the rest flat

Sunday, 4/2
•8 easy, 8:52 pace

•56 miles

March miles

With only 14 days to go, I made the call to scrap speed and run the rest of my miles easy until race day. On the days speed is prescribed, I will throw in race pace strides at the end of each mile.

My favorite torture devices.

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