February 27 – March 5 Training

Week 12 was a great training week. It was a cutback week, only 5-6 miles, but was a welcomed mental break.

Running past my house, probably in circles to get to an even number.

The good: nailed all my hard runs and the paces felt easy! Did some climbing on my long run and that also felt easy.

The bad: because of weather, I rearranged my schedule and put too many quality runs close together. My body is feeling the effects of that. Note to self: do not put quality workouts back-to-back. Bad, bad idea. I also didn’t finish my mileage from Tuesday, so I put 3.5 easy miles on Wednesday morning, my rest day. So, I didn’t have a rest day last week. Also a very bad idea. Even though they were short, easy miles, my body needed a day off.

One more thing I shouldn’t have done was allow myself to run my easy 10 on Thursday too fast. Even though an 8:13 pace is easy, I shouldn’t went slower to allow my body recovery time. I also ran my “race pace” day too fast. My goal marathon pace is roughly 7:45, but I ended up doing all nine miles at a 7:20. FAIL. Normally, I’d be excited, but this isn’t good because I need to dial into race pace.

When I get nervous, I tend to run too fast. I know it’s a ways out yet, but running the Boston Marathon has me both excited and freaked out at the same time.

Love me some deadlifts. Don’t mind all the crap in my garage.

Monday, 2/27
•Easy 6 miles, 8:48 pace

Tuesday, 2/28
•Strength run day, 7.5 miles total
•6 at strength pace, 7:36

Wednesday, 3/1
•Easy 3.5, 9:04 pace

Thursday, 3/2
•Easy 10 miles, 8:13 pace

Friday, 3/3
•Easy 3, 9:14 pace

Saturday, 3/4
•Easy 14, 8:22 pace, 639 foot gain
•5 minutes of planks
•air squats and push-ups

Sunday, 3/5
•Race pace day, 11 miles total
•9 miles at GMP, 7:20 pace
•Full-body lift
•5 minutes of planks and additional core

•55 miles
•2 strength sessions

My treadmill and I have a complicated relationship.

So, overall it was a successful week, but I made many mistakes this week, too. My goal for Week 13 is to dial in and stick to the plan – no switching days/mileage around, and not running any prescribed paces too fast.


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