February 13 – 26 Training

And just like that, I’m 2/3 through training. Today marks seven weeks until Boston. This is the time in training when fatigue sets in. Mind, body, and soul need a little extra rest and TLC.

Who doesn’t jump for joy after a successful 16-miler?

Training is going so well. I’m hitting my paces, too fast most times, and I’ve been strength training regularly.

I faced a niggle this past week. On Thursday, I had a killer “race pace” run and went out way too fast. After, I saw my right peroneal tendon was inflamed and slightly bruised. I had a massage that morning and went into full-blown danger mode: rolling, The Stick, voodoo floss, compression, and the whole nine yards.

I was able to complete all runs at prescribed paces and the inflammation is going down. Crisis averted!

I hear my hammies creaking and see Black Lab hair on the floor. Real life.

Week 10, February 13-19
Monday, 2/13

•Impromptu rest day – just traveled back from Florida and my body was fighting the early stages of a cold

Tuesday, 2/14
•3×1600, 6:31 pace
•7 miles total
•Lifted full body, 5 minute planks

 Wednesday, 2/15
•Easy 6 miles, 8:43 pace

Thursday, Feb. 16
•Easy 10 miles, which I inadvertently turned into a progression run!
•8:36, 8:18, 8:18, 8:09, 8:11, 8:05, 7:57, 7:52, 7:38, 7:04
•8:00 average pace overall

 Friday, 2/17
•Easy 6 miles, 8:43 pace

Saturday, 2/18
•12 miles, 8:19 pace
•575 feet gain
•Full body lift, 5 minute planks

 Sunday, 2/19
•8 miles at GMP, 7:36 pace
•9 miles total

Weekly totals
•50 miles
•2 strength sessions

Thank Jesus for training partners who go out in crazy cold.

Week 11, February 20-26
Monday, Feb. 20
•Easy 8 miles, 8:58 pace

Tuesday, Feb. 21
•5 tempo miles, 7:17, 7:11, 7:11, 7:08, 7:01
•10 miles total

Wednesday, Feb. 22
•Rest day

Thursday, Feb. 23
•8 tempo miles, 7:22 pace
•11 miles total

Friday, Feb. 24
•Easy 8 miles, 8:56 pace

Saturday, Feb. 25
•16 miles, 7:58 pace
•675 feet gain
•Push-ups, squats

Sunday, 2/26
•Easy 8 miles, 8:37 pace
•Full body lift, 5 minute planks

Weekly totals
•61 miles
•2 strength sessions

Overall, I feel great and am happy to be so far into training. The nerves are starting to kick in a bit already. When I get nervous, I go out too fast. Thursdays are supposed to be goal race pace days, and I’ve been turning them into tempos.

This week, I will focus on keeping my paces honest and slowing down a bit. Off to Week 12!


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