One-week food overhaul

It’s Week 11 of Boston training and I am in full-on training mode. I average 55-60 miles a week and lift twice, adding in accessory and core work. My body burns through food like nobody’s business and I’m constantly hungry.

8 miles = a sleeve of Thin Mints! Hashtag math.

I’ve been reverse dieting myself through my entire marathon training cycle. (A reverse diet is the 180 of a diet. Instead of cutting calories, you slowly add, building your metabolism without gaining fat/weight. Marathon training is the perfect time; all the extra fuel helps performance, plus who doesn’t want to eat more?)

I’m currently at 2,053 calories a day, adding additional calories on long run days, which, for me, is anything 11+ miles. That may not sound like a lot, but for a bodyweight of 104-106 pounds, it is. I’ve also joined the 300 gram carb club.

As of late, my eating is sloppy. Actually, that’s an understatement – it’s been atrocious. I’ve given myself a free pass to eat like a toddler because hey, I’m marathon training! I deserve these cookies, and this cake, and that bag of gummy worms. It’s fuel, right?

I’m also not hydrating like I should. No joke, I drink about 60 ounces of coffee in the morning, sweetened with sugar-free syrups, of course. The water I do manage to drink is heavily flavored with Mio. Yes, the supremely unhealthy, chemically-charged liquid drink flavor.

The mutant orange cup is my water. You can taste the chemicals from here!

I believe the key to eating, like most things, is moderation. I’m not a proponent of “eating clean,” whatever that means. Those two words actually make me cringe, but that’s a whole different topic.

While I do meet most micro-nutrients daily, my macros are so high I’m able to eat treats like crazy. This whole week I’ve had at least four Girl Scout cookies as a part of my well-rounded breakfast. Yikes. Confession: most days, I meet my micros with vegan gummy vitamins. VEGAN GUMMY VITAMINS. Even my vitamins are chock-full of sugar.

I work so hard to ensure my training is on point, and yet, I coat nearly every “food” particle in Walden Farms. I empty a bottle of Maple Walnut syrup every two days. I order them by the case. Ugh, so much fake sugar and chemicals…

Again, I’m not against using artificial sweeteners or eating real sugar. I believe in balance, but I’m at the point where balance doesn’t exist. I need a do over.

Oh, caramel Walden Farms, on top of Cocoa Pebbles, how I’ll miss you. At least there’s walnuts in there I guess.

In an effort to clean up my diet, I’m embarking on a self-inflicted one-week “reset my taste buds” cleanse of sorts. Here are my personal parameters.

Let me set down my S’mores Girl Scout cookie so I can type this.

1. No added sugar – real or artificial. Bye, Walden Farms and Diet root beer.
2. No packaged food – unless it’s a whole food, such as a fruit or vegetable.
3. 100 oz of water daily. No Mio.
4. No white flour products. I have no problem with flour, just none of the white, processed shit.

1. Black coffee in moderate amounts.
2. Either a scoop of protein powder or faux meat (Gardein, MorningStar, or the like) to meet protein.

It’s only one week. I can do it, I think. After the week is over, I’ll assess and go from there. I’m interested to see if and how it effects my running, and my well-being in general.

Cheers to a healthier week! Oh, and I’m starting on Monday, naturally.


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