February 6 – 12 Training

Week 9 is now behind me. I can’t believe Boston is 8 weeks away.

I had great runs this week, but only managed one lifting session. Whomp. I was in Florida Friday to Monday, shaking up my routine. I did run 30 miles while in Florida, including a 15-mile long run.

Heyyyy there, palm trees! From my 15-miler on Friday.

A big win this week was my Tuesday speed work. I had 800 repeats and managed to run them all at a 6:19 pace. This was a huge, much-needed confidence boost!

My struggle of the week was Sunday. My marathon hunger is getting real. I ate a lot and was still full when run time came around. I do not do well with food in my stomach when I run, but I gutted it out, no pun intended. It took everything in me to finish that one.

My miles are climbing higher and my body is taking it like a champ. Luckily, I like high miles so mentally it isn’t a struggle. I was expecting to be more physically worn down, especially with training faster this cycle, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Whoa, baby! For me, this is fast.

Monday, 2/6
· 8 miles easy, 9:05 pace
• Upper body lift

Tuesday, 2/7
• 6 x 800, 6:19 pace (my fastest sustained speed work EVER!)
• With warm up, cool down and recoveries, 8 miles total

Wednesday, 2/8
• Rest
• Restorative yoga

Thursday, 2/9
• 8 miles at GMP, 7:39 pace
• 3 miles cool down, 11 miles total

Friday, 2/10
• 12 miles, 8:05
• 3 miles, 8:25 pace
• I split them up because my prescribed long run pace is 8:29 – I was too fast my first 12

Saturday, 2/11
8 miles easy, 8:21 pace

Sunday, 2/12
• 7 miles easy, 9:00 pace

57 miles
One lifting session

My goals for week 10 include resuming regular strength training and incorporating more hills into my easy runs, both uphill and downhill.


2 thoughts on “February 6 – 12 Training

    1. It’s interesting how we’re all so different when it comes to fueling and running. That run when I was full was SO hard, oh my gosh. I’ll have to check out the gummies. Thanks for the tip and the encouragement!


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