January 30 – February 5 Training

Week 8 of Boston training is behind me. Overall, it was a good week, but I did struggle on a couple runs. North Dakota went back into the deep freeze this week with cold temps and sub-zero wind chills, forcing me onto the treadmill more often than I’d like.

My face says it all: I’m over you, winter.

This week, I intentionally sought out hills, both to climb and descend. I know I especially need to work on going down hills to prepare my legs for Boston.

A huge victory this week was my Tuesday speed work. I ran my fastest miles ever, three at 6:31 pace, and it felt good. 

On the flip side, I struggled mentally with my Thursday tempo run. I was forced inside because of ice, snow, and subzero winds. I pep talked myself to keep going and gutted it out. It wasn’t pretty.

From my Thursday tempo. I was captain of the struggle bus.

Monday, 1/30
· 6 miles easy, 9:04 pace, 329 foot climb
• Upper body lift
• 5 mins planks (regular, sides, hollow hold)
• Yoga

Tuesday, 1/31
· Track day: 3 x 1600, 6:31 pace
•600 recoveries, 3 mile cool down, 7 miles total

Wednesday, 2/1
· Rest

Thursday, 2/2
· 7 miles at GMP, 7:41 pace
• 3 mile cool down, 10 miles total

Friday, 2/3
· 6 miles easy, 8:49 pace
• Full body lift
• 5 mins planks

Saturday, 2/4
· 10 miles easy, 8:39 pace, 473 foot climb
• 3.5 miles easy, 9:17 pace
· 5 mins planks and additional core work

Sunday, 2/5
· 6 miles easy, 9:20 pace

Weekly Totals
50.5 miles
3 strength sessions

And just like that, I’m off to Week 9. Halfway there!

This little move is deceptively difficult. Well played, yoga.

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