December 5 – 11 Training

This week, North Dakota was hit with another blizzard and extremely cold arctic air. We’re talking a lot of sub-zero temps and strong wind.

Winter Wonderland. Pretty to look at; hard to run in.

Since I’m not acclimated to the cold yet, I opted inside for most of my runs. I hate the treadmill but it gets the job done when it’s dangerously cold outside.

· 7 rounds, 4 each: hang power clean, push press, front lunges each side, back squat
· 25: Russian twists, straight leg lifts, bicycles
· 50: ab mat sit-ups

· 6 treadmill miles, 7:45 pace
· 10 rounds of 10 each: air squat, push-ups, straight leg raises, tricep dips

· 6 treadmill miles, 8:36 pace
·50: ab mat sit-ups

· Rest

· 6 treadmill miles, 8:37 pace

· 12 treadmill miles, 8:15 pace
· 3 x 12: squat, deadlift, reverse row, strict press, tricep dips, front lunges
· 50: straight leg lifts, ab mat sit-ups
· 50: lying side leg raises (hip and glute target)

· 5.5 outside miles, 8:30 pace. Ice and ankle-deep snow for 2 miles, but felt great to get    outside.

Weekly totals
35.5 miles
3 strength sessions

From my Sunday run, my first outside in a week! It felt amazing.

Overall, it was a solid week of training. The transition into winter is always hard, but it seemed even harder this year. We had a long, mild fall and winter just hit this year. Two blizzards in and we already have more than 30 inches of snow.

This was my last off-season week before Boston training begins. Training through a harsh North Dakota winter makes me nervous, but I’m excited to have the set structure of training.


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