Thankful Thanksgiving & 10k PR

Thanksgiving was a blur. I can’t believe it’s almost December.

I had a week of great training, plus I managed to relax, eat delicious food, drink some wine, and escape the holiday without gaining a single pound. I’m unsure of the bigger win – that or my new PR.


Monday: Fran (21-15-9 thrusters and pull-ups), PiYo upper body, 3 miles at 7:52/mile
Tuesday: 8 miles at 7:26/mile
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Turkey Trot 10k, 6.2 miles at 6:50/mile, 1.8 mile cool down
Friday: 6 miles at 8:29/mile
Saturday: 15 miles at 8:11/mile and strength:
Sunday: Rest
Totals: 40 miles, 3 strength sessions


The Turkey Trot had me feeling many emotions, the most striking being gratitude. Running and the running community has changed my life. A very talented runner from a group I run with paced me to my 10k PR. Mark is an accomplished sub-3 marathoner, having just ran New York City in three hours, which isn’t even his PR.

Mark and I on the course. I love that we’re both airborne here.

He pushed me, checking in to see how I was feeling, and chatting to take my mind off my frozen feet. For me, running 6:50 per mile for six miles is not a walk in the park; I was pushing it. Mark, on the other hand, was floating. This wasn’t a working run for him.

When we approached the final stretch, he said, “It’s just like Boston. We are turning left on Boylston. Imagine the crowds and dig deep. You’ve got this.”

Then, Mark slowed to match my pace so we could cross the finish line strong together. It gives me chills and waves of gratitude thinking of his selfless support.


The 10k was the final piece to my 2016 racing puzzle, as I worked hard to PR every distance this year from 5k to marathon. I am grateful for each mile and a high note to end the year’s racing season.



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