October 31 – November 6 Training


•Track work day! 8X200, 4X400, 2X800, 6 miles total at 7:04/mile overall. I scored my fastest mile (5:39) and fastest 5k (19:42).
•Strenth: 3 X 12: back squat, deadlift, strict press, row, banded pull-ups, bench, tricep dips •10 minutes core work



8 miles, 8:21 pace


Long and hill run – 13 miles, 8:13 pace

•4 miles, 9:03 pace, with a friend
•50-minute Runner’s World Iron Strength circuit
•6 miles solo, 7:46 pace
•I also lifted and tested my one rep maxes: 110# back squat, 55# bench, 155# deadlift

Weekly totals
37 miles
3 strength sessions

Overall, I had a solid week. I am in off-season right now and trying to find a balance between maintaining my fitness, but also taking a much-needed physical and mental break before I begin training for Boston next month.

The weather in North Dakota has been very warm, atypical for this time of year, so I couldn’t resist putting on a few more miles than planned. Any time I get to run outside in November in shorts and a t-shirt is a special occasion!


A new experience this week was experimenting with Generation UCAN. I’ve heard of this fuel and picked a few packets up to try. I used it Saturday morning before my 13-miler. Normally, I have breakfast before a long run, usually something carb-heavy like a bowl of oatmeal. Depending on my hunger level, I may also fuel on the run.


Saturday, I rolled out of bed and had a cup of coffee to perk up. I mixed a packet of UCAN in the cinnamon delite flavor with 12 oz. of  water and drank that. It fueled my run perfectly!

I love this fuel for a few reasons:
1. No need to carry fuel or water on my runs.
2. No stomach upset.
3. NO SUGAR. Seriously, it’s starch-based, so no blood sugar spikes or bombs.

I’d highly recommend it.

My goals for the few upcoming weeks are:
1. Keep the miles moderate, maybe 25 to 30, but keep up some speedy runs to maintain fitness.
2. Lift, a lot. I have limited time before marathon training resumes, and I’d like to build strength as much as possible.
3. Focus on core work. I despise core work, but know it’s an area I need to improve.
4. Mentally chill out. Marathon training is demanding, so I know I need a mental break before I resume.


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